CivilPro Version

Civil pro version has been released. For those on version 10’s -65 branch, this will be an automatic update if you are using the web installer. Other users can contact us for installers.

Changelog from previous version

New features

  • Related items showing filestore documents now have a new right click option to download the file from the filestore


  • Added Custom Reports to ITP Detail menus
  • When an NCR is linked to a checklist item, the NCR is automatically linked to the lot
  • Filestore list refreshes properly after adding documents
  • Data libraries added to devexpress controls version 19.1 – reports edited to remove redundant line returns resulting from upgrade.
  • Approval register sorts by approvalNo descending, not approvalId
  • Updated Project Stats function to include recently added data types (e.g. filestore, email, instruction, incident, site diary etc.)
  • Max display height of the ITP Detail increased
  • Removed length limit on the size of an ITP Detail field
  • Moved some checkbox logic in checklist reports to scripts
  • Fixed column formatting for quantities in lot register
  • Fixed time formatting for test request


  • BUGFIX: Images in ITP Details and other HTML Rich Text fields could disappear in grid views
  • BUGFIX: Hyperlinks in approval template referred to ID instead of number
  • BUGFIX: Some records of newer data types prevented the project deleter working properly
  • BUGFIX: The folio builder repeated the same record rather than progressing to the next when generating pdfs
  • Older civil pro databases which were subject to a specific update path over their life could have an incorrect ID for one of the templates. This is updated
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