About Us

Our Story

Blue Sky Contracting was founded by ‘QA Legend’ and CivilPro creator, Dennis Gascoigne. The Desktop was created by Dennis from his ‘shed’ as a side-project, and was first released in 2001. Since then, it has not only grown significantly – but it has become a mainstay of the Australian construction industry, supporting major infrastructure and small projects alike.

Blue Sky Contracting initially partnered with our Group in 2018 to release the Cloud version. However, in 2020, this partnership grew to incorporate all CivilPro technology (including the existing desktop), and a new company was founded: CivilPro Software PTY LTD.

This partnership will take CivilPro into the future. It is a matching of small business ethic with the resources of a leading, national construction technology group – and it will ensure that CivilPro will become even bigger, better, and more exciting!

Our Group of Companies

The genesis of our Group dates back to 1888 when Alphonse Herga opened a watch makers business in Brisbane. From the early 1900’s Herga has been run by the Bright Family and a 4th generation of the family is still leading the business today.

For well over 130 years our Group has been involved in the Sales and support of Surveying Instruments in Australia. In the last 30 years we have grown from the core Surveying business to include a number of multi-faceted technology businesses encompassing hardware, software solutions, consulting, and solutions development.

We are proud to be the exclusive Trimble distribution Partners for Geospatial, and Construction Solutions within our Territories. Headquartered in Brisbane, we have grown to include 15 Regional Offices and more than 220 employees, Servicing Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

  • 2001

    CivilPro Desktop

    Blue Sky Contracting launches CivilPro

  • 2010

    CivilPro Desktop vs 8

    CivilPro Desktop vs 8 launch


  • 2017

    CivilPro Desktop vs 9

    CivilPro Desktop vs 9 launch

  • 2017

    CivilPro Mobile

    CivilPro Mobile launch


  • 2018

    Blue Sky partners with Herga Group

    Blue Sky Contracting partners with Herga Group

  • 2019

    CivilPro Desktop vs 10

    CivilPro Desktop vs 10 launch


  • 2020

    CivilPro Software PTY LTD

    CivilPro Desktop & Cloud re-launched under new Company

  • 2020

    CivilPro Cloud Beta

    CivilPro Cloud Beta (replacing Mobile)


  • 2021

    CivilPro Cloud launch

    CivilPro Cloud launch (March 2021)

  • 2021

    CivilPro Desktop vs 11 Beta

    CivilPro Desktop v11 Beta


  • 2021

    CivilPro Desktop vs 11 launch

    CivilPro Desktop v11 Launch

If you are interested in joining our team, see our Careers page for current openings.