CivilPro Cloud v7.2 Version Release

Release Date: February 1st, 2022

CivilPro Cloud 

Version number: 7.2.11198

This Version Release includes the following new Features:

  • SAML2 Support
  • Randomised Stratified Tests for Test Requests

This Version Release includes the following improvements:

  • Add doc id to filestore selector
  • what’s new notification implemented
  • CP2-1648 – honor the ‘require approved ITP’ setting for the ITPs/checklist selector’s datasource
  • lot status check for UI elements
  • fix string checking for lot rejected status
  • CP2-1045 – secure api to show only subscription data from auth token subscription id
  • CP2-713 – add marker for coordinate position geometry, also remove POIs from google map for better visibility
  • enable photo search by keyword
  • sitediary ref in photo
  • enable send conformance email from lot detail
  • atp lot related item

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