CivilPro Desktop v11.83.1.241 Version Release

Release Date: June 6, 2022

*********** (minor) – 6/6/22
1. Added description to Test lookup editor in tests list for TR
2. Moved transmittal reports from XPO to EF to support Transmittal Send button. Note that until the release of schema
changes due in June 2022, this will only create an emaillog, not link it to the transmittal
3. Added project settings to control notifications on emails as ‘Always, Prompt and Never’
4. Bugfix: Purchase orders could only be added if user had Edit permission
5. Add CloseEditors to Approval details so that user does not have to leave editor to commit data when saving.
*********** (minor) – 2/6/22
1. Added CreatedBy and ModifiedBy links for inactive users to XPO grids
2. Fixed raw HTML showing when viewing NCR approval and closeout details
3. Added version reference to Error dialog.
4. Manage ApprovalEmail key null when deleting workflows and approvals
5. Refactor approval delete to subclass workflow delete\
*********** (minor) – 24/5/22
1. Added properties to ATP Custom Report object.
2. Streamline packages and move to packagereference
3. Fix scripts references in reports CustomPreview

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