CivilPro Cloud v7.7 Version Release

Release Date: May 1st, 2022

CivilPro Cloud 

Version number: 7.6.11708

This Version Release includes the following new Features:

  • Allow saving chainage data with region geometry
  • Add NCR as possible startup register
  • allow multiple delete of itp detail and checklist items
  • Checklist mobile editor component

This Version Release includes the following improvements:

  • fix Purchase Order detail not setting some properties when adding
  • Infinite scrolling on teams and Projects pages
  • Contract Notice related item indicators for include in attach/notice
  • Area codes importing Fix
  • add fix for plain text exports of html fields on the print grid function
  • fixes for lot grid selection issue
  • implement new lot status functions
  • Fix sanity checks on the roles fix permission
  • fixes to UI components for Contract Notice Print Grid Function
  • fixes to data-grid action to capture nulls and format issues
  • fix lot days open
  • change letter for primary tag code in lot string builder to match api methods
  • allow grouping on Approval Register
  • fix invite popup throwing error when trying to get users
  • ncr closeout details and approval details allow html values
  • fix duplicate lot disabled issue
  • fix remove selector for atp related item in lot
  • nav to test request tab by query part
  • fix action sheet css for mobile
  • include add user button on pending invitations tab
  • fix column caption for description
  • activate user switch for all users on building independent approvals, changes listed in app base component
  • Ui Changes to projects and Custom Registers

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