CivilPro Cloud v8.6 Version Release

Release Date: September 1st, 2022

CivilPro Cloud 

Version number: 8.6.12092

This Version includes the Major Feature Release:

  • Changers to ITP Editor
  • Full List of CivilPro Registers to Match Desktop Application
Civil Pro Version Release

This Version Release includes the following new Features:

  • Add NCR Cost to Register Columns
  • Datagrid Text Wrapping
  • Export Control Line Points
  • Changes to Checklist Display – Include data like ITP Revision
  • Approvals Favour Alert Step over Completed Steps for Displays
  • Support SAML parameters for logins
  • Add Test Result Status to List and Editor
  • Data Exports for Projects, Teams and Roles
  • Add support for Lot Map in Lot Summary Report

This Version Release includes the following improvements:

  • Changes to Checklist Related Items
  • Fixes to context menu item disable status
  • Fix Progress Claim Reports
  • Lot Raisedby Header Filter
  • Subcontractor Routing
  • Approval Template Register Links
  • Approval Status Header Filter
  • IsPaid Column calculation for InActive Users
  • Fix Lot Summary
  • Remove Approval Quick Filters
  • Fixed HTML Editor Binding Issues
  • Order Users Alphabetically in Project Creator

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