CivilPro Roadmap

With CivilPro Desktop version 11 and CivilPro Cloud now both in Beta, it is time to provide some information on where we are going from here. As always, these future developments are subject to change and are for the purposes of information only.

If there is a CivilPro function you need or think would be useful – reach out to us HERE.

CivilPro Roadmap

Version 11 Desktop (currently in Beta – for co-launch with CivilPro Cloud) – Public release forecast March 2021

All of these functions are currently available in the CivilPro Version 11 Beta

  • Complete UI redesign – the new UI is a complete re-design featuring autosizing SVG icons and a cleaner, easier to navigate ribbon menu system
  • Subcontractor and User access – Access to your civil pro install can now be provided to subcontractors and other users (with a civil pro license). Subcontractors and linked users can only see records associated with lots they have created or where the lot is linked to the subcontractor or user
  • Approval Workflows – the version 10 approvals system has been completely re-written so that users can define their own workflows. Hold points, witness points, purchase orders, NCR and independent approvals now utilise a fully customizable user defined workflow that is visually designed. Existing version 10 approvals are automatically translated on upgrade, and default templates created.
  • Independent Approvals – approvals can now be created independently of the NCR, checklist or PO system and associated with Lots.
  • Standing approvals – an approval can be linked to the base ITP template. The reference to the approval is then copied to all checklists created from the template – for example, an approval may be created for the concrete mix design. This approval is then linked to the relevant item on the ITP template and link is maintained for all concrete checklists added from that point on.
  • Test request notifications – send your test request directly via email from the test request register. When uploading, testers can also notify results.
  • Ordering of Filestore docs – Filestore documents can now be ordered. This is mostly useful in the generation of lot summaries
  • Supplier Filestore docs – documents can now be stored against suppliers for recording insurances etc.
  • Photos now shown when double clicked in Related Items rather than navigating to the item in the Photo Register.
  • New units register – for defining a pre-allowed list of units for use in quantities, daycosts etc.
  • Not Applicable status for checklist items – checklist items can now be marked as Not Applicable rather than just checked/not checked.
  • Default Filters – Records are automatically filtered to only show recent records. This reduces the time for data from the server and is customisable as a user setting
  • Default opening page – Users are now shown a register when opening Civil Pro. This defaults to the lot register but is customisable as a user setting.
  • Custom Registers – create your own registers for classification of lots and cost codes. This can be used for any purpose whatsoever and is similar in principle to lot tags except that it provides more advanced grouping and filtering capacity
  • Additional and Custom lot relationships – the existing relationships of Replaces/Replaced By and Parent of/Child Of are now joined by Overlies/Underlies and the custom relationship which takes a text descriptor.
  • Complete re-write of the related items code to implement Async loading. This improves the performance of the related items and prevents their loading from interfering with the UI
  • Addition of the NCR Root Cause as a full text record rather than a short descriptor. The v10 Root Cause is now the Root Cause Category and functions as it always has.
  • Redesign of the security model to provide more detailed control over who can do what in the Civil Pro system
  • Heaps of new links for the FileStore to provide more detailed associations between records
  • New detail screens for NCRs and Test Requests
  • Redesign of the Test Result screens
  • Complete redesign of the reporting engine – Please note that this means custom reports from pre-V11 must be rebuilt for use in version 10. They are NOT upgradeable.

CivilPro Cloud- Public release forecast March 2021

CivilPro Cloud is the new browser based version of CivilPro and replaces the old CivilPro Mobile. Using the Cloud app users can have a standalone version of CivilPro without installing any applications. The Cloud App provides all of the essential Desktop functions from the QA modules including:

  • Setup Registers (worktypes, areacodes, schedule, control lines etc
  • Lot register, NCR register, Test Reqs, Approvals, ATPs, Checklists
  • Variations and Progress Claims
  • Reporting

In addition, the cloud provides a google maps integration which allows the users to define lots by clicking on the map, and provide map overlays. We also provide a system for converting local (Control Line) coordinates to GPS coordinates for visualization.

Additional Features 2021

  • Separate Detail screen for Lots in desktop (similar to the new NCR and Test Request details pages)
  • Model integration – allow users to provide links between Civil Pro objects and objects in a 3d Model with visual interface. This may be a 2022 feature depending on complexity
  • Project Synchronisation – users can take part or all of a project offline and work on the project then re-synch back to the project
  • Text approvals – additional service to send a text message and response as part of the approval system
  • Implement the site diary and purchase orders in the Cloud
  • Implement the controlled document management / transmittals in the Cloud
  • Complete subcontractor implementation in Cloud
  • Test Result data entry and analysis in the Cloud (specifically concrete test results)
  • Customize reports in the Cloud app

Additional Features 2022

  • Internal notification/todo list – a user-specific list of required actions and recent activity on relevant items (e.g. approval actions and requested actions on checklists etc.)
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