CivilPro Cloud v5.1 Version Release

Release Date: November 1, 2021

CivilPro Cloud 

Version number: 5.1.10201

This Version Release includes the following improvements:

  • allow role permissions to be added individually as per the new view limited permission
  • Roles – CivilPro desktop uses the ‘allowed’ field whilst cloud deletes the whole permission row
  • use route params to load lotId so that navigation from parent ri works correctly
  • fix errors on logout
  • fix login enter key
  • match columns between Lot list and LotCombinedMap
  • custom register delete
  • added offline check msg notification better messages and comments
  • slow connection notification
  • CP2-1175 copy default system templates function
  • CP2-1574 mark to identify demo site
  • fix saving issue on test request
  • CP2-1634 – custom register edit mode
  • null handling for lot ri
  • approval – ‘last month’ filter and specify column types
  • usability improvements for combined lot map
  • update to 12 and angular optimization workaround for css build problem
  • update devex to 21.1.6 and enable table resizing via javascript

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