CivilPro Cloud v5.0 Version Release

Release Date: October 1, 2021

CivilPro Cloud 

Version number: 5.0.9909

This Version Release includes the following new features:

  • Purchase Orders
  • View Limited Role Permission

This Version Release includes the following improvements:

  • Lot Qty Lot status fix for no status
  • company user fix
  • implement progress claim operation
  • Lot view Limited Related Items
  • CP2-1477: improved scrolling and sorting
  • CP2-1477 – test request test’s paging hidden by css
  • CP2-1385 – allow resize test request’s test grid
  • fix adding photo to approval service instead of checklist
  • CP2-1033 – approval photo RI implemented
  • View limited – role edit display and behaviour
  • Lot Quantity showing correct lot status
  • fix order detail grid validation, enable add new item
  • allow direct approval with checklist approve internal permission on checklist

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