CivilPro API v7.7 Version Release

Release Date: May 1st 2022

CivilPro API

Version number: 7.6.11707.0

This Version Release includes the following new:

  • Implementation the Use Date on Checklist Option on the Project Settings
  • Added Lot Controller methods for conform and guarantee Added scaffold for better logging
  • Add NCR as possible startup register
  • Implementation of Folio functionality for Lots and NCRs.

This Version Release includes the following improvements:

  • Updates to logging for form data
  • Process user invites for SSO authenticated users Allow anonymous access to check SSO security settings
  • Changed execution of LotListDto mapping to use automapper parameters
  • Desktop changes for v132 – mainly around supporting chainage and region geometry on the one lot
  • Fix NCR docs
  • Add mapping for Test Request Properties for Add Properties Method
  • Adding changes to NCR reports for HTML in closeout and approval remarks

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