How CivilPro Creates Better QA Workflows

Many users working with a new software are likely to focus on its features but have you thought about all the workflows that go into making CivilPro work. From the initial setup of your project to completion, each step and action in CivilPro are carefully designed to ensure that each piece of your QA processes fits into your project workflows.

In CivilPro, there are tools to help you create better workflows for your users, providing structure, transparency and flexibility.  For example, the “Approval Workflows” tool allows you to set up a structured workflow for each type of approval such as Hold Point / Witness Point approval, NCR approval, etc. New users can also start with a basic workflow with options to customize it later based on their project’s requirements.

Create Better QA Workflow

Working with multi-level workflows are made easy with the intuitive CivilPro menus and registers. They are built to act like signposts so users are prompted to complete the necessary processes within each project stage. When you create a new item in a CivilPro register, such as a Lot or a Checklist register, each page and field guide you to input all the required information to start the workflow.

On each register, you can view and track all the associated items under the “Related Items” panel as work progresses. In addition, CivilPro dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of your project’s progress in real time, where you can monitor the status and progress of each component of your project.

CivilPro Dashboard captures real-time progress of your project

CivilPro Dashboard

Good workflows have checks in place to ensure that users don’t miss the important steps. Hence, at critical points of your project, CivilPro will prompt you to complete the required tasks before you can proceed to the next step. For example, you’ll be reminded to resolve any outstanding Non- Conformance items before you can conform your Work Lot.

The initial setup of your project also plays a big part in creating smooth workflows. CivilPro provides a range of options and tools for setting up user roles, aligning their responsibilities and permission levels with the appropriate workflows. In addition, our Help Centre resources provide users with comprehensive tutorials to set up the necessary QA registers when starting on a new project.

If you are looking at using CivilPro as a solution to improve your QA workflows, please get in touch with us.

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