Get Your Payments Sorted with CivilPro Too!

Did you know that you can also use CivilPro for working out your progress claims?  If you are working with a long list of schedule items, working out payment claims on civil construction projects can be a significant challenge. With so many variables and factors to consider, how do you track what work has been completed, what has been paid, what to claim, which quality records support each schedule item and what expenses to include for each claim period.

With so much going on, it only makes sense that you want to use a reliable and consistent system to generate progress claims, automatically collate the relevant quantities and QA for each schedule item and track your margins without the fear of making mistakes.

CivilPro Payments

The Progress Claim register in CivilPro is designed to streamline your payment claims as your project progresses. Whether you choose to use Lot-based or manually input quantities, your progress claim is itemized by schedule item (including variations), with each item providing all the supporting measured quantities, and the quality assurance records associated with them. You can choose what quantities are claimed by status as you build your claim and whether to include conformed, guaranteed and work in progress (by percentage complete), depending on your contract requirements.

Using industry standard practice, each claim is calculated as the total value of works completed to date, with previous claims deducted to provide details of the current report period’s claim.  You can track the certified quantity for each claim, and calculate running forecast at completion quantities, overclaims and underclaims and earned budget, amongst other key metrics.

Depending on your project and your contractual agreements, your progress claims may include many variables which could make it trickier to work out.  With CivilPro, you can save yourself a lot of headaches with all the quick tools designed to account for every adjustment you need to make to get your claims certified and approved, and eventually paid.  The

Progress Claims Management tool facilitates payment transparency and forms a powerful component of your QA process where you can make progress claims, track your cashflows, create your budget and assess the overall financial performance of your project from month to month.

Learn more about Progress Claims via our HelpCentre.

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